5 Reasons To Watch My Secret Terrius,The Show That Predicted Coronavirus (Dubbed In Hindi)

Did this South Korean series predict the Coronavirus pandemic ? Here's why you should watch the crime-thriller dubbed in Hindi, streaming FREE on ZEE5

1. Famous star-cast

My Secret Terrius - Cast
My Secret Terrius - Cast

Revolving around NIS (National Intelligent Service) agents, My Secret Terrius is a South-Korean mystery-drama TV series streaming on ZEE5. It has been one of the most watched series during the Coronavirus #lockdown and people have been questioning whether the series actually predicted the pandemic way back in 2018! Taking you across the genres of crime-drama, mystery, thriller, romance as well as a tad bit of comedy, here are reasons why you shouldn’t miss the series that’s so relevant in current times!

Watch the mysterious trailer here:

1. Famous star-cast

With Terrius as his alias, So Ji-sub essays the character of Kim Bon, the legendary black ops agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS). The female lead role of Go Ae-rin aka Alice, is portrayed by Jung In-sun. In the series, she is a single mother who finds herself getting caught up in solving a conspiracy with Kim Bon.

2. Did it predict the Coronavirus Pandemic?

My Secret Terrius - Coronavirus Pandemic

What can #MySecretTerrius tell us about a deadly illness and a widespread pandemic? The show talks about MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, a viral breathing disorder caused by a novel coronavirus. It also mentions Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), an upper-respiratory-tract illness caused by a common form of coronavirus!

3. Plot of crime and mystery

My Secret Terrius - Crime Mystery
My Secret Terrius - Crime Mystery

In the series, a woman named Go Ae-rin loses her husband. Along with her neighbour Kim Bon, who was a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent, she discovers the truth behind her husband’s involvement in a huge conspiracy. Kim and Go meet Jin Young-tae, a former con man who holds the key to a mysterious incident that both of them are involved in!

4. Women-centric, strong character

My Secret Terrius - Women-Centric

Go Ae-rin is widowed after her husband’s sudden death, leaving her to raise her daughter and son singlehandedly. Joining hands with a former National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent, Kim Bon, she solves a mystery case that reveals her husband’s involvement in a huge conspiracy. You will see some action and gun-fire scenes unfolding through this single-mother!

5. Romance and chemistry

My Secret Terrius - Romance

The series also taps into romance and chemistry between Go Ae-rin and Kim Bon. Another KIS (Kingcastle Information System) agent, Bong Sun-mi has a crush on Kim Bon. And Ra Do-woo, a genius hacker likes Yoo Ji-yeon, a cold National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who in turn has feelings for Kim Bon!

To unravel the mystery behind the conspiracy and the pandemic, watch all the episodes of My Secret Terrius, streaming now on ZEE5!

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