6 Stunning & Offbeat Places You Should Add To Your 2020 Travel Bucket List #TravelTuesday

Take cues from Plush Places, a travel show hosted by Rahul Jagtiani that explores popular destinations across the world, and also get handy tips.

1. Mauritius

Plush Places - Mauritius
Source: ZEE5

2020 is going to be personal. So, pull out the atlas and pack your bags! Travel is therapy. Exploring unknown locations and offbeat destinations is an adrenaline-pumping and life-changing adventure sought by many. But with tourists flooding popular spots across the globe, travel has not just become tedious but also expensive. Fret not, Plush Places comes to your rescue! The travel show hosted by Rahul Jagtiani explores offbeat and popular destinations across the world and gives you handy tips on how to make the most of your holiday. So get ready to satiate your wanderlust and be amazed. Bon Voyage!

First on our list is the pristine and pretty Mauritius. The ultimate beach heaven is a gorgeous island with a stunning coastline, making it a paradise for honeymooners. Rahul explores and gives you an insight on the rich cultural history, exotic cuisine and nature parks in Mauritius. Know more about it here:

2. Antartica

Plush Places - Antartica
Source: ZEE5

Antartica is THE place to go for adventure-seekers! Cruise around icebergs, enjoy open air camping on ice and try kayaking around chunks of ice in this snow-capped region. Rich in wildlife and packed with penguins, the isolated location is the best place to visit to switch off from the world.

3. The Ganges

Plush Places - The Ganges
Source: ZEE5

Witnessing the iconic and holy river of Ganges in its full glory is a different experience altogether. From staying in a glass house to enjoying river-rafting and experiencing the wonderful sunset, Rahul has a great time at the riverbank of Ganges. Watch this episode of Plush Places on ZEE for more:

4. Maldives

Plush Places - Maldives
Source: ZEE5

Excitement levels go through the roof once you sit on that sea plane to reach Maldives. Surrounded by clear, blue waters that stretches till the end of the horizon and laying on the white sandy beach under the blanket of twinkling stars is unbeatable. If that’s not enough to tempt you into booking your tickets right away, you can also and enjoy world class cuisine.

5. Jerusalem

Plush Places - Jerusalem
Source: ZEE5

Take a trip to the most fascinating city in the world. Jerusalem is a place with loads of history, culture, tradition, and home to three religions.

6. London

Plush Places - London
Source: ZEE5

The amazing experiences of rolling hills, luscious landscapes along with cozy villages and fairytale-like houses in the stunning lake district with a stopover in London.

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