Dive Deep To Travel Underwater With Fifi And Lily In Fish Tales 2 On ZEE5 KIDS!

The adorable young fish of the Fish Tale Reef, Fifi, Lily and Kiki are up to new adventures on a field trip. Watch this movie with your kids, for free

Fish Tales movie

Imagine if you could dive into the sea, travel underwater, and talk to fish, all from the comfort of your home! Well, we know that travelling a long distance is prohibited during the Coronavirus #Lockdown. But nobody can stop you from watching movies on ZEE5 KIDS, right? So, best friends Fifi and Lily are here to take you along on their underwater adventure in Fish Tales 2. You have a chance to witness their ups and downs of getting lost in the sea and reuniting a lost stingray with her parents… and have #NonStopBachFUN along the way.

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Fifi and her brother Fin live with their parents in a sea shell surrounded by corals. Scared by a nightmare, Fifi wakes up and screams out to her parents. She says that in her dream, she had got lost and was unable to return to the Fish Tale Reef. There were deadly sharks around and she was extremely terrified! Fifi’s father tells her that whenever she wants to scare sharks away, she should yell “goonches”. A goonch is a large voracious Indian freshwater catfish that can attain a weight of 115 kilograms and a length of 6 feet!

It’s the first day of school after vacation and everyone is excited to meet their friends. Fifi’s best friend Lily, who is a young blue whale, meets her on the way. At the class, they meet all the other friends like Petal the turtle, Kiki the pufferfish, Trigger the seahorse, Diesel the manta ray, and so on. They are extremely eager to find out who their teacher is. A pleasant surprise, it’s none other than Professor Shark! He is known to take his class on field trips and expeditions. So, he announces that they are going to a sunken treasure ship!

A still from Fish Tales 2
A still from Fish Tales 2

Fascinated by a man-made machine, Fifi and her friends can’t wait to see the sunken ship. As they swim ahead, a mother stingray begs them to search for her lost daughter, who is a very little blue stingray. Professor Shark promises that he will let her know if they find her. Finally, Fifi and her friends enter the sunken ship. They are wide-eyed to see photos of human beings who are pirates. Then, Shark points at a small globe on the deck of the wrecked ship and says, “This is how the world outside the sea looks!”

Professor Alba, the white seal, also joins them mid-way. Suddenly, a yellow sea monster stares at Fifi and Lily. Both the fish get scared and start swimming from the ship. They reach far only to realise that they are lost. Then, a small blue stingray pops out of a shell and identifies as Cherry. Fifi and Lily realise that she is the daughter of the mother stingray they had met on the way. The three of them start swimming back to the wrecked ship. They encounter sharks as well as a crab named Jimmy!

Fifi finally sees the class and guides her friends to swim towards them. From the sunken ship, they go back to school. Professor Shark says that Cherry will also start studying with them. But does she reunite with her parents? Find out by watching the animated movie Fish Tales 3, dubbed in Hindi, streaming on ZEE5 KIDS!

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