FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have tried to answer most of your queries, however if you still have a doubt, feel free to drop a text to Shalima at 91855177 or write to us at

  1. What is Superstars Singapore and Who is it for?

It’s a platform for all talented people across age groups to shine on. The categories are:


  • Singers – Age 6-11(Junior) , 12-18(Teens) and Adults
  • Dancers 3-6(Super Juniors), 6-11(Junior), 12-18(Teens) and Adults
  • Open Talent Round6-11(Junior), 12-18(Teens) and Adults, – If you play an instrument, act, juggle, write, do stand up comedy or have any other talent.
  • Parent-Child Talent Combo– any talent a family or a parent child want to showcase together e.g an acting piece,a dance choreographed, singing and playing an instrument together or magic trick, juggling et al.
  1. How to register?

Log in here :

  1. What are the timelines?Registration- 25th Jan- 8th Mar

You need to register with your details and send in your performance video

Semi Finals- 27th-28th Mar

Shortlisted participants will be called to perform Live in front of the judges on Zoom on a virtual medium

Finale Shoot:  17th -18th April

If selected, live performance on stage which will be shot for telecast on Zee TV. You will be given a set of songs that you can choose from to perform to for the finale act. Winners will be decided by the judges

The edited episode will air on Zee TV APAC in 2nd week of May.

  1. What do I get as a participant?
  • A platform to showcase your talent
  • Feature on Zee TV APAC
  • All participants get Certificates
  • Winners and Runners up get Trophies
  • Professional Photo shoot and Video Shoot of the Finale
  • Grooming Tips from Professionals at “Workshop” for Finalists
  • Social media presence via Dream Catchers FB fan base of 19700 fans for all who participate.
  • Goodie Bags
  1. Why do you need us to submit videos?

We want your talent to shine and be noticed by maximum people. So we will upload your video (ofcourse with your permission) on our FB page so you get maximum visibility as an artist. You can submit a prior performance video or any pre-recorded video you have.

  1. How many rounds are there for live performance?

You get to perform live at Semi-Finals and then if selected at Finals.

  1. What should be the duration of my performance video?

For solo participation it’s upto 4mts but can be as short as 2mts too. For group performance, upto 7mts but again can be as short as 2 mts.

  1. What genre of Dance?

It can be anything, Hip hop, Pop, Bollywood, Classical or even a combination of them all.

  1. For singers, what language?

English or Hindi

  1. Can I submit on 8th March since that’s the last date?

Sure but the earlier you submit, you can showcase your talent on Dream Catcher’s FB page for a longer time

  1. Where do I whatsapp to get details ?

91855177, all details are mentioned here :

  1. Do we have to pay something?

Registration fee is $50 for solo and $35 per person for group performance

If shortlisted for finales, $150 for solo and $120 per person for group performance

All payments should be made to Shalima at 91855177  or transfer the registration fees to DBS bank in favour of, Dream Catchers Vision Pte Ltd, DBS Current Acct No.- 027-904364-4.