Game Of The Week On ZEE5 Play: Danger Dash, A Fun And Addictive Game

This week, entertain yourself playing Danger Dash on ZEE5 PLAY. Challenge your friends, and tell us what your high score is.

Danger Dash on ZEE5

Now you can not only turn to ZEE5 when you are looking for wholesome entertainment but also when you are looking to play some simple games on your phone. ZEE5 along with Gameloft brings you easy-to-play games involving racing, puzzle, and arcade games among others. These video games can be fun to play when you don’t have enough internet to watch any show or movie.

This week’s game is one that is fun to play and highly addictive. Danger Dash is an endless running game like Temple Run where you avoid obstacles and try to beat your previous scores. In Danger Dash you will be running from ferocious tigers chasing you, while you will also have to avoid huge logs of wood, and trees that block your path.

This game will be a fun new way to spend your free time during the lockdown. Collect the coins while running and then earn special items while you are on the run. The game also allows you to pick your own avatar and goals and achievements that you can complete earning special rewards. Much like Temple Run you will receive boosts and headstarts once you’ve earned them in the game.

Danger Dash and other hyper-casual games on ZEE5 are best enjoyed on your phones and tablets. Play the game and let us what was the highest score you managed. Don’t forget to watch the two new brilliant short films on ZEE5 Sambhavataha and Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye.

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