Here’s How You Can Avail Before TV, Ad-Free Experience And 2000+ Movies

A new hand-crafted Club Pack just to watch all your favorite shows and movies ad-free, that too at a much more economical price. Watch it anywhere!

ZEE5 Club Pack for Zee TV shows

How irritating is it to buy an expensive premium subscription just to watch your favourite daily soaps and movies ad-free whenever you want? You have the option to pay less and watch the same content on a DTH service but the ads are unending and you need a television to even attempt to watch it! Such situations although unimportant have a lasting impression on you since you don’t get an option you prefer. It’s either expensive and unnecessary or lighter in the pocket but inconvenient.

You can watch the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya here:

Zee has now come up with a solution so that you can get the best of both worlds with its new ZEE5 Club Pack! You can now watch your favourite daily soaps ad-free on your personal device and the television, that too before it actually airs on DTH. This Club Pack is specifically designed to cater to your everyday needs and choices, from daily soaps to movies. 

No need to watch the shows that are available for free while missing out on the shows and movies available on Premium. You also don’t need to purchase the Premium subscription just for an ad-free experience, even though most of its content is unnecessary when it comes to your choices. Very soon you’ll be able to get the Club Pack and choose from only the shows and movies you like, ad-free before it comes on the DTH. It also gives you an added benefit of easily converting from Club Pack to Premium by only paying the difference amount between the two subscriptions. I feel that life couldn’t get easier than this. If only you could choose from only the things you like in life too and avoid all the unnecessary ones. But at least this is a great start to binge-watch all our lovely shows and beautiful movies while juggling our work and family.

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