International Dance Day: 5 Excellent Performances On DID Li’l Masters That Left Us Amazed

On 29 April, the whole world comes together and celebrates the spirit of dance. Binge-watch Dance India Dance Li'l Masters on ZEE5 for free.

1. Jiya Thakur from Vaishnavi Ke Veer

The main partner for the performing arts of UNESCO, Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute deems April 29 as International Dance Day every year, for the global celebration of dance. Reinforcing the spirit, binge-watch some of the excellent performances by the young and extremely talented kids on DID Li’l Masters Season 4 (a franchise of Dance India Dance). Tune in to ZEE5 and enjoy the show, hosted by Jay Bhanushali and judged by Marzi Pestonji, Siddharth Anand and Chitrangda Singh.

1. Jiya Thakur from Vaishnavi Ke Veer

From skipper Vaishnavi Patil’s team, contestant Jiya Thakur, from Hyderabad, presented a contemporary dance performance on the song Chunar. She wins the ‘Performance of the Day’ award. Guest judge Prabhu Deva compliments her for her body control and facial expressions. Making her mentors, parents, state and country proud, she goes on to become the winner of the season.

2. Mann and Amit from Tanay Ke Tigers

The duo Mann Patel and Amit Delwani from Rajkot, impress the judges with their proficiency in robotic dancing. They belong to skipper Tanay Malhara’s team Tanay Ke Tigers. Donning silver and shiny costumes, one of them dresses as a girl. They exhibit some crazy moves of locking and popping. They garner applause from all the judges, especially Marzi Pestonji.

3. Fire Stepper Crew from Jitumoni Ke Jaanbaaz

Hailing from Faridabad, the Fire Stepper Crew belong to skipper Jitumoni Kalita’s team, called Jitumoni Ke Jaanbaaz. The crew pays a tribute to the special guest Prabudeva by performing on a medley of his songs. They excel in lyrical hip-hop and freestyle dancing and leave the judges stunned. The crew also shares how they revere Prabhudeva as the ‘God of Dance’ in India.

4. Abhinav Arun from Bir Ke Baahubali

Bir Radha Sherpa heads the team Bir Ke Baahubali. From it, contestant Abhinav Arun, hailing from Kolam, leaves the judges stupefied while expressing his dancing prowess in aerial contemporary. He is showered with compliments from judge Siddharth Anand, and gets selected in the top 12 finalists of the show. His body control and strength at such an altitude is commendable.

5. Skippers Bir Radha Sherpa and Tanay Malhara

After the contestants’ performances, skippers Bir Radha Sherpa (heading Bir Ke Baahubali) and Tanay Malhara (representing Tanay Ke Tigers) get on the stage, to present a high energy dance battle which mesmerises everyone. Tanay stuns the judges with his acrobatic contemporary moves and flexibility. The audience cheers for Bir while he performs lyrical contemporary and stunts.

You can enjoy more of such incredible performances by watching all the episodes of DID Li’l Masters Season 4 on ZEE5.

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