Kumkum Bhagya 9 December 2019 Written Update: Sanju Allows The Kidnappers To Kill Prachi

In tonight's episode, Prachi is kept tied up while the kidnappers try to get extra moment from Sanju for killing Prachi as well.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Prachi and the contract killers

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi is walking by herself when Ranbir drives past her. He tries to ask Prachi to sit in his car and offers her ice-cream as a way to apologise too. Prachi refuses his offer and continues to walk, The waiter, Sunil, waits for Sanju to bring him the money. However, he sees the contract killers and runs away. The contract killers chase Sunil all the way to the road where Prachi is walking. Prachi sees them killing the waiter and they notice her too. Prachi runs to Ranbir’s car but he is not in. While the kidnappers take Prachi away her phone remains on Ranbir’s car. When Ranbir goes to Prachi’s house, Pragya and he realise Prachi must be kidnapped.

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In tonight’s episode, the kidnappers take Prachi to their den. They see that Prachi is still unconscious and the leader comes up with a plan. He calls up Sanju and demands more money for the job. He informs Sanju that one girl saw him killing the waiter. He says that for half the price Sanju will have to get rid of this witness or she will put Sanju in jail soon.

Sanju agrees to pay the contract killers money to kill Prachi. One of the contract killers says they should wait for Prachi to wake up if they want to kill her and they agree to wait till Sanju sends them the money. Rhea is worried at home when she finds out that Sanju is back in Delhi. She tells Aliya how Sanju told her that the waiter is blackmailing them them.

Aliya asks Rhea not to worry and says Sanju will handle everything. She asks Rhea to calm down because Sanju will take Prachi away even if it means kidnapping her. Abhi overhears Aliya filling Rhea’s ears with all kinds of nonsense about Prachi and gets angry. He tells Rhea that Aliya purposely ran over Disha yesterday. He asks Rhea to think twice before trusting Aliya too.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Pragya and Shahana
Ranbir decides to go to the police station with Pragya

Later Abhi scolds Aliya for misguiding Rhea. He says that Aliya is the reason, Rhea has so many problems with Prachi. He asks Aliya to tell Rhea what’s good and bad orelse he will have to keep her away from Rhea forever. Ranbir offers to take Pragya to the police station to search for Prachi. Pragya asks Shahana to stay at home in case Prachi comes back.

Prachi wakes up and begs for the contract killers to spare her life. She promises to not tell anyone and says she has a mother who is dependent on her. The kidnappers feel bad too and send Sanju a photo of Prachi. They ask him to quickly send the money or they will let her go. Will Sanju allows the contract killers to kill Prachi? Stay tuned to find out.

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