Luv Kushh: Ram-Sita’s Twin Sons Lead Action-Filled Adventurous Lives, Watch The Series

The twin brothers, Luv and Kushh grow up with their friends in Valmiki's ashram. Watch their exciting adventures in the forest, only on ZEE5 KIDS.

Luv Kushh - Animated Series

Adding to children’s #NonStopBachFUN, Luv Kushh – the animated series on ZEE5 KIDS is all set to give you insight into ancient Indian mythology, making India’s largest OTT platform also the ultimate edutainment destination for the entire family. Accompany your child to watch the interesting lives of Luv and Kushh who are as smart, funny, mischievous and loveable as your kids. Read on to know more about the incredible twins and their shenanigans.

Before, watch the first episode here:

The animation series revolves around the smart and intelligent twin brothers Luv and Kushh, who are the sons of Shri Ram and Sita Maiya. The boys are always up to some mischief, and their stories are full of action and adventure, involving imaginative plots and stunning locations. The twins are extremely intelligent kids, who excel at everything from sword fighting to archery. They use these skills to help their friends when they are in trouble or some kind of danger. Besides that, Luv and Kushh are boys with good values and morals.

Lord Ram had abandoned Sita, and she took refuge in the ashram of Valmiki after she left Ayodhya. Her sons Luv and Kushh grow up along with other kids in the gurukul at the ashram, which was surrounded by a forest. One day, while the children are plucking juicy ripe mangoes from a tree, they hear a loud sound. A huge rock demon had entered their land and drilled a massive crater into the ground. Very smartly, Luv devices a plan to defeat the demon with mangoes. Kushh joins him and makes a great teammate!

Luv Kushh - Animated Series1
Luv Kushh – The Animated Series

A red dragon had threatened Babbu, a young vaanar (monkey), Luv immediately nocks an arrow on his bow and aims at the dragon. While Luv distracts the dragon, Kushh draws his sharp and shiny sword to behead the dragon. Together they are victorious and save the vaanar who thanks them and gives them a communication gizmo. Then, they learn that the river flowing through Kosala has been poisoned. A girl from the ashram talks to a fish and finds out what is wrong. Luv and Kushh head off, riding their flying horse.

In order to learn balance and presence of mind while entering unknown territory, Rishi Valmiki teaches the twins to walk on a tight rope. Luv goes first and steps carefully with his toes but he loses judgement and falls on Ugra, one of his friends. Everyone laughs at Ugra, as he breaks his back while standing up. A lot of children make fun of Nandu, who is a fat child in their ashram, but Luv and Kushh always stand up for him and stop the kids from mocking him. The twin brothers have been well-groomed by their mother, Sita Maiya.

To unveil more adventures of the twin brothers in the forest, watch all the episodes of Luv Kushh, streaming now on ZEE5 KIDS.

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