Pavitra Rishta: 5 Moments When Sushant Singh Rajput Aka Manav Proved To Be A Dream Husband

From respecting his wife to supporting her dreams, the role of Manav played by Sushant Singh Rajput is an ideal example of a husband. Read more.

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput in Pavitra Rishta

From the time we first met him till the day we parted ways with him, Manav was every woman’s dream husband! Sushant Singh Rajput stole all hearts with his smile, charm and innocence when he first portrayed Manav. He broke all hearts the day we had to tell him to rest in peace forever. With the sorrow of his loss still fresh in our hearts, here’s a throwback to some of our favourite moments of Manav from Sushant’s first serial- Pavitra Rishta, where he won all hearts being Archana’s perfect husband.

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1. The Letter To His Archana

Manav came from a financially weaker background as compared to Archana’s family, but since the day he swore his love to her, he worked harder to at least be a good husband. One of the first scenes where we see the glimpse of a more responsible Manav is when he writes a letter to Archana, before their marriage, promising her to change himself for better. He spoke of evolving both emotionally and financially, to be able to give her all the happiness she deserves and the comfort she has grown up with.

2. Their First Holi

Manav knew how Archana was used to celebrating festivals and made sure he arranged the same for her. He organized their first Holi in their chawl, not only for his family but for the entire chawl with all the grandeur that Archana was used to. He made sure that even in this new environment his newly wedded wife felt homely.


3. Pampering wife with surprises

Women love surprises, especially the ones from that special someone. Manav never let Archana down when it came to presents and surprises. At every stage of their life, he pampered his wife with beautiful gifts, grand parties, memorable times with friends and giving her a chance to meet celebrities she adored. One of the most memorable ones was the Ganpati Puja where he invited Kareena Kapoor Khan to celebrate with them, knowing how much his wife likes her.

4. Archana’s Dreams, Manav’s Goal

Archana is a strong-willed woman with dreams. Like an ideal husband, Manav made all her dreams her goals and stood by her side at every step. One such step was when Archana decided to start working. The couple being from a conservative background, it was a difficult decision to make, but Manav stood tall by his wife, supporting her with all his might.

5. The Family Man

A perfect husband is not just the one who takes care of his wife and her wishes. He also took care of both their families up to every possible extent. After her father’s demise, Manav took care of Archana’s mother and brought her home despite the traditional restrictions. He even looked after every need of Archana during her pregnancy. He grew to become an ideal father to their children and balanced the family well, throughout.

Archana and Manav’s story saw numerous ups and downs, but they stayed strong. Manav came into her life, expressed his love, was responsible for their relationship and ended up becoming an ideal husband for his Archana.

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