Practice Yoga To Improve Your Immunity During #Lockdown Like Vidya Malavade Of Kaali 2

Move over Shilpa Shetty, check out how Vidya Malvade has been inspiring her 366K Instagram followers through her Yoga classes and fitness tips.

Vidya Malavade Yoga - Kaali 2

Vidya Malavade of Chak De! India fame is all set to make her digital debut with the second season of ZEE5 Original crime-action thriller series Kaali 2. She is essaying the role of Officer Gupta in the web series,, which stars Paoli Dam as Kaali, Rahul Banerjee as Aniket and Shantilal Mukherjee in the lead roles. While its release is postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic #lockdown in India, Vidya is keeping herself busy as well as healthy by practising yoga and exercising at home every day. You can benefit from her Instagram videos and take some uncommon tips to boost your immunity which is essential to prevent and fight the disease. Have a look here:

1. Full body yoga practice and core activation.

The extremely fit and healthy Vidya Malavade has begun to shoot at and post videos from her home to help people stay calm and positive during the 21-days #lockdown. In this video, she teaches a full-body yoga practice and core activation exercises. She explains that performing the kapalbhati pranayama relaxes the diaphragm and toughens the abdominal muscles. It also cleans your lungs and respiratory tract to get rid of toxins (as Coronavirus affects the breathing). “Mind you, this won’t cure the Coronavirus in an infected person. But it can be a part of your prevention process”claims Vidya!

2. Suryanamaskar and chanting “Om”.

In this video, she finishes a routine of the Suryanamaskar step-by-step and then sits to cool down (the warm-up is before an exercise). Going into the one-chant “Om”, she instructs the viewers to relax, face their palms to the sky, and close their eyes. Inhaling deeply she starts pronouncing a vibrant and prolonged Om. Later, she also says that the earth and humanity healing meditation helps to overcome all the anxiety and fear that is crowding our hearts and minds. She intends to spread joy and love all around!

3. Connect with nature and yourself.

Vidya begins by saying we often complain about not having the time and the energy to spend on ourselves. Intentionally or unintentionally, during our busy lives, we ignore taking care of ourselves. But the 21-day quarantine #lockdown has given us the opportunity to introspect and be one with nature while being at home. She suggests that we can listen to the birds chirping at our windows or cook something yummy for our family. To loosen the tension, she suggests that we meditate every day or read some good books also!

4. Release the stale oxygen from your organs.

Putting out a video of the exercise to lengthen and strengthen the spine, she states the invisible benefits of it. Spine twists are an integral part of the routine and doing so resembles the action of twisting your washed clothes to rinse the residual water out. Similarly, when we twist our spine, it squeezes out all the stale oxygen and residual toxins from our organs, making space for healthy oxygen and blood circulation. The process is extremely rejuvenating and important to infuse a renewed healing of the lungs and the respiratory system!

Practice the exercises and better your immunity each day in quarantine. Let us know in the comments section below, which routine benefited you the most. Also, don’t worry, the second season of Kaali is just around the corner on ZEE5 Originals!

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