Pyaar Dosti Hai And These ZEE5 Couples Show Us Why!

Friendship is the purest bond between two strangers and finding one as your life partner is the definite road to a happy and blissful life.

These ZEE5 Couples Tell Us Why Friendship Makes The Bond Stronger

Sushant Singh Rajput, Ankita Lokhande in Pavitra Rishta
(Source: Zee News)

Friendship, in a broader perspective, is an umbrella term. Hence, it’s not only limited to friends. This pious relationship should be implemented in every kind of relations, namely husband-wife, brother-sister, parents-children, etc. It retains the purity, interest, craziness, and comfort in any kind of relation. Everything starts with friendship and then scatters into multiple societal given names. 

Particularly talking about a husband-wife relationship, what if it’s more of a normal friendship with different boundaries. I guess that thought is pretty much awesome. In this way, relationships will plan their journey in a long way. Because whenever husband and wife fight or get involved in an argument, the first person they prefer talking to is their friends. And if the friends are of the opposite sex, the situation even gets worse.

So…what’s the solution for this? I guess it’s right in front of us, stay like friends, solve your clashes within yourself and enjoy every second of life. Have such a strong bond that no other party from outside can break it. 

Deep diving into a few husband-wife relationship characters, projected in multiple serials to make you understand the real beauty of any hubby-wifey relationship.

1. Gauravi and Anuj- Baarish

Do opposites attract? Well, in some cases, it’s a yes. Gauravi and Anuj are two different characters who end up falling for each other. Gauravi never thought of finding a guy who will agree to all of her terms and conditions for marriage. 

The two characters give us a moral “Put your pride aside in a relationship and make it work like true best buddies”. Relationships are all about love, understanding, and supporting each other. The two got the same from one another and end up being the perfect match of the century. They’re liked by tons of people because their characters actually spoke to the public.  A successful marriage isn’t about finding the person with the same mental thinking, but to find the one who can touch your soul without even touching you physically. Then it really doesn’t matter how different your partner is.

2. Meira Sharma and Anmol Sharma- Mentalhood

Motherhood; “unseen challenges hidden under your hood”. Yes, the series is all about the dramatic and challenging phase of motherhood, filled with a lot of responsibilities. The male character in the movie, Sanjay Suri, got attracted to the female lead, Karishma Kapoor because he found her very sorted in life with a great temperament. Someone who is polite and a responsible person- a perfect match to be the mother of his children. 

He thinks she is a perfect wife, who is capable of handling everything. He admires her nature and support which makes them perfect to go a long way. The two characters on a serious note state that “Becoming a true friend in any relationship can make you cherish the results.”

3. Krishna and Pintu- Afsar Bitiya

Imagine getting a partner who not only marries you for his needs but also supports you in your carriers! Yes, this is like a dream come true. In the serial, Pintu supports Krishna in his career while suggesting her to become an IAS officer, trusting her intelligence.

The negative characters in the serial try their best to break them down, both Krishna & Pintu went through a lot of obstacles to finally reach a point of marriage, tricked everyone else with the muhurta issue. This shows how supportive Pintu was towards Krishna and her career.

4. Vedika and Sahil- Aap Ke Aajane Se

Suhasi Dhami and Karan Jotwani who played their characters as Vedika and Sahil will literally give very good life lessons when it comes to a husband-wife relationship. Their relationship was of two best friends. 

Their true bond, states that nothing can come between the two soulful connections if the intentions are pure. Their love story is very unique, as the two had a long age gap which breaks the norms of society. Sahil’s age is 24 years and Vedika is 42. The first thing that comes to mind is oh my god… is a relationship with such a huge age gap even possible? Will it work for the long term? Well, yes it is possible and the two proved that very well in the show. Be an open book, share your differences and things will go well.

 Love isn’t measured by age gaps. It’s eternal. If the two share a strong friendship and a healthy understanding, then nothing in life can stop them from moving forward.

5. Manav and Archana- Pavitra Rishta

They are literally a pair made in heaven. Despite a lot of hardships growing from two souls into one, they somehow managed to convince their families and get married in a temple. Their life has been a path filled with a lot of injuries.  

Till the time they were alive, they supported each other like true friends. Their love was pure and innocent like Radha-Krishna. Their onscreen chemistry was too strong and convincing that they end up a real-life couple who dated for almost 6 years. Manav also proposed her on a reality show. He is very romantic as a husband and caring like a friend.

After almost 24 years, Manav, unfortunately, dies from a car accident. Archana, being his soul mate couldn’t bear the truth of his death and died out of shock. This is how they ended up together in heaven.

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