Types Of Hacking And Hackers Like Vivek Aka Rohan Shah That You Need To Beware Of!

Sameera has #NowhereToHide in the film Hacked on ZEE5! But you can use this information on ethical and non-ethical hackers.

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With the advent of the internet and the boom of digitisation, cybercrime is also increasing rapidly. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, Hacked is a psychological thriller film that talks about the dark world of hacking and cyberbullying. Based on the horrors of information technology, it proves that there’s #NowhereToHide through Sameera Khanna aka Sam’s life, essayed by Bollywood debutante Hina Khan. The crime is committed by Vivek, a 19-year old hacking expert and obsessive lover, played by Rohan Shah. He ruins Sam’s personal and professional life by hacking into her computer and threatens to leak her sex tapes. We ought to beware of offenders like Vivek, and to do so, here are different types of hacking and hackers with various purposes:

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Types of Hackers:

1. Cracker

Also known as black hat, crackers always have a mala fide (evil intention). They access computer networks and websites in an unauthorized manner. Their purpose is personal gain through stealing of confidential organisational data, stealing of funds from online bank accounts, privacy rights violations to benefit criminal organisations, etc. In today’s scenario, most of the hackers belong to this category, just like Vivek of Hacked, who carry out their activities in a shady manner!

2. Ethical hacker

Known as white hat, they are recognised and officially stamped hackers who access systems to assess, identify, and eliminate suspected weaknesses. Their responsibilities include vulnerability assessment, cracking of codes of illegal or anti-social setups, and retrieval of crucial data required for security purposes. These are highly-trained, certified, and paid professionals.

3. Grey hat

They lie between the above-mentioned types of hackers, i.e., they take the recourse of unauthorized access to a system but not with any fraudulent intent. The objective is to reveal the vulnerabilities and weakness of the system’s stakeholders.

4. Hacktivist

These hackers are focussed on hacking websites and leaving contentious information on them. This is to spread political, social, and religious messages. It can also take the form of targeting other nations.


Hacked Film
Hacked starring Hina Khan and Rohan Shah

Different Types of Hacking:

1. Phishing

This implies replicating the original website so that the unsuspecting user enters the information like account passwords or credit card details, which the hacker seizes and misuses. Banking websites are frequent targets for phishing.

2. Virus

Viruses are released by hackers into files or websites to be activated once a user opens them. The purpose is to corrupt the information or resources on the website or the user’s operating system.

3. UI address

In this method, the hacker creates a fake user interface (UI) and when the user clicks with the intent of going to a certain website, they are misdirected to another site altogether.

4. Cookie theft

Hackers access the website using malicious codes and steal cookies which contain confidential information, login passwords, etc.

5. DNS spoofing

DNS stands for Domain Name System. This basically uses the cache data of a website or domain that the user might have forgotten about. It then directs the data to other malicious software.

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