UNLOCK Review: An Exciting Dark Idea, A Concept Of Tech-Horror That Steals The Show

Propelled by her desire for Amar, Suhani plunges prey to a sinister app on the deep dark web. How will she endure the actual nightmares of the web?

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Suhani (Hina Khan) and Riddhi (Aditi Arya) are flatmates and pals who chill together. While Riddhi is dating Amar (Kushal Tandon), Suhani develops a secret crush for him. Finally, she finds a way to get the man of her fantasies through an app on the dark web. The app sure grants the wish, but it comes at the expense of obtaining three equally murky tasks.

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Unlock: The Haunted App, is an exciting premise and it manages to send chills down your spine as you start exploring with Suhani, the deep dark web. What makes the story more interesting and is a writer’s genius win is not naming the app and letting the distorted male voice overtake the evil tasks that pan out to its users. The film’s length allows it to be a short yet, the entertaining watch that keeps you hooked through the entire movie. When we enter the lives of our characters, little do we know what unfolds ahead.

Directed by Debatma Mandal this ZEE5 thriller must not be missed. The sense of intrigue, tension, and suspense are creatively built and cinematographer Vishnu Panicker is able to capture the claustrophobia and tension in really difficult spaces. The screenplay is clever and the background score and terrific performances elevate this thriller.

Kushal Tandon, Hina Khan, and Aditi Arya portray phenomenal chemistry. The romantic aspect has been done with immense nuance and you can feel through the passion, the costume department deserves to be lauded as all the characters looked authentic and extremely researched with their attire.

With an intriguing idea and intelligent premise, Unlock is a high-impact thriller that tells us and gives us an insight into the deep dark web. This ZEE5 original is extremely impactful, relevant and important in a time like this, Unlock is a standout film made on a subject rarely attempted, this one will strike a chord with you and will be one of the most thrilling things you may experience on the web.

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