You Will Totally Relate To These Funny Memes Of Mentalhood Moms – Happy Mother’s Day!

As the coronavirus lockdown has been extended with cautionary measures, the Supermoms of Mentalhood perfectly express our emotions in these memes.

Mentalhood Lockdown Memes

The national coronavirus pandemic lockdown in India got extended furthermore for two weeks from May 4, 2020, and entered into its third phase. While we are staying at our respective homes, the gloomy feeling of immobility hovers over our heads undoubtedly. As we respect and comply with PM Modi’s government policies of containment in red, green and orange zones, there is no curb on entertainment and laughter. These Mentalhood memes are absolutely hilarious and totally relatable during current times. Get in line with Karisma Kapoor and Tillotama Shome to laugh out your lockdown blues and #BeCalmBeEntertained.

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– Mentalhood lockdown memes:

1. When you hear that the lockdown is extended

The first lockdown was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 22, 2020, as the Janta Curfew. To ensure public health and welfare, it was pushed further until now, when we are in the third phase of lockdown. It has been extended until May 18, 2020. Meira Sharma (Karisma Kapoor) emotes our feelings aptly, wherein even our insides are crying. But, hang in there and #StayHomeToZEE5. We are in this together!

2. When your friend asks you to meet them

Let all of us agree that we are itching to step out, and resume our lives while being confined within the four walls in lockdown. But, there’s always this one friend who is eager to call you over to their place and chill. We may have different reactions but Preity Khosla (Tillotama Shome’s) nails it with her response. She is the ‘pushover mom’ from a small town and in her Punjabi accent, she goes, “Kya? Bakwaas naa kar!”

3. Dads vs moms on eating habits

Apparently, the hidden master chef in everyone has suddenly woken up from their sleep. All of us are trying new dishes and recipes in our kitchens turned into experiment labs. On one hand, dads are craving junk food like, “Bhajiye-pakode mil jaate toh…” Whereas on the other hand, Anuja Joshi aka AJo (Sandhya Mridul) is bent upon, “Yahan ye sab nahi chalega. Here we feed out kids fresh fruits and vegetables“.

4. Quarantine days be like…

Let’s do some mental math. The increase in the number of fights with your siblings is directly proportionate to the number of days under lockdown. Correct? Well, exhibit A – Meira Sharma’s three children, Amyra (13), Nikhil (10) and Arjun (4). They make us extremely nostalgic with their fights over the television remote, like in our childhood. What else will they do when schools are shut and television is their only resort?

5. Savage ‘mom’ents

While all of the supermoms of Mentalhood are chilling together with the single dad, ‘momzilla’ AJo aka Anuja Joshi taunts Meira Sharma, that she is an extremely intelligent mother, raising a pre-teen daughter. AJo suddenly asks, “How far is Kanpur?” To which Meira sarcastically answers, 1,286 kilometres. Plane me jaaogi ya chal ke?” Well, during the lockdown, she cannot choose either of the options!

6. State of bullies at the Sharma household

Fortunately, all of the bullies in the “mental mom’s” family are stuck at home. Meira Sharma (Karisma Kapoor) is obviously the head bully because she is the ringmaster of her mad circus. Her husband Anmol (Sanjay Suri) only tries to take charge but never accomplishes it. The eldest daughter, Amyra is mom’s heir (uttaradhikari). Stuck between his two siblings is Nikhil, who is the chamcha of the house. And the cute little Arjun is the poor lad who nobody listens to, deeming him as “ghar ka bechara!”

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